In my work I primarily explore my encounters and points of contact with non-human animals in spatial installations and video works. It is about my being human, my being-in-the-world-with. It is about empathy towards non-human beings and their objectification gained through our cultural heritage. Furthermore, it’s about unlearn and relearn.

Repeatedly it is also about the ephemeral, the transient and the disappearance. Whole works or part of works dissolve during the exhibition period, erode and decompose due to wind and weather or human impact. For example, in the work A little Gesture at the Museum Centre Pasqu‚Art in Biel (CH): visitors carelessly stepped on the arranged sunflower seeds on the floor, changing and rearranging the installation with its a new (dis)order. What is perceived as destruction by the viewer is basically a transition to something new.

I’m also interested in language and how we use words to name something or someone. We inhabit our (surrounding) world with language. Do we distance ourselves from other species or do we approach them with our words and in our use of language? Words form and release images and feelings in us. They have an impact on healing or destroying our environment.

Reflecting on my relationship to the animated world led me to become interested in the concept of landscape. Recently, I have been working more with landscape and forest, exploring temporality, landmarks, and how I move through a landscape in my work including my own landscape I create in my mind.

I am a trained animal communicator and live mostly vegan. My manifesto: I try not to work with material from living or dead animals and to pollute as little as possible the environment with materials used.

I am a SARN-member (Swiss Artistic Research Network) and founder of  the workgroup «Sense of Forest – Sense of Place | On the possibility of perception as an artistic research method in the eco- and energetic system FOREST». Please visit the SARN website www.sarn.ch for more informations. We are happy to have you as a group member. Please send me an Email to get more informations.