Transitäre Verortungen

Title English: Transient Localisations


While sitting in the train I draw. What can I remember immediately, when I see outside the window? I have to draw fast. This specific machine – called train – that moves my body faster than naturally given. The lines I draw are something between conscious and intuitiv. Through the movement of the train I can’t draw the lines exactly and I lern to let go. As my body stands still and is moved forward by a machine, my eyes can’t catch things that are close to me. Just my hand is moving and try to catch forms outside.

I see the urban constructions outside my train window and as I see my drawings and I recognize, that these human made constructions are transformed in my drawings in organic forms and built different connections. I use for all drawings always the same 5 different pencils and the same size and type of Moleskine sketchbook. That’s my rule.

No drawing is judged. Every single drawing is a drawing of it’s train-time. They all tell a hidden story behind, where I was traveling to. For what purpose and whome I met on this day.

So as we can’t keep buffalos in captivity, because they have to wander over big distances, we can’t keep our thoughts captivated. They have to wander and be free to create.



Studio view