Terra Circolare

Twingi LandArt / Twingischlucht, Wallis (CH) | 2019

In Collaboration with Gabriella Disler | Artist www.gabrielladisler.ch

TERRA CIRCOLARE is part of an ongoing research of Gabriella Disler and me on the similarities of the human body and trees.

The title refers to the recurring processes of growth and transience, and is a first realized project of the joint research project: «Waldkörper | Körperwald» (working title).
The tree system is compared with that of the human body: Bark with skin, branches with ribs, blood and water circulation. The complex theme will be explored and sensed with the media of text, video installations, photographs, performances and installations in public spaces. TERRA CIRCOLARE was created on the occasion of TWINGILandArt 2019 from branches found during the current landslide in the «Moritzgraben» in the TWINGI Gorge.
Branches measuring 7 x 6 metres are laid out like a ribbed arch and marked along its axis with naturally degradable neon orange colour. The colour refers to the different markings in urban spaces, along paths and roads, but also to other indications which must be seen. They serve both as protection and safety.
In addition, engraved on aluminium and mounted on a birch tree next to the installation, a text fragment as an additional layer explores the relationship between the tree and its immediate environment.
The installation – left to its own – will decay during the summer 2019 and return to the cycle of nature.








Opening Twingi LandArt 2019 | June 2019