From Signs

Residency Gepard14 / Bern (CH)

Five weeks of research (more pictures upcoming):

What does a hypermodern society need to organize the movements and needs of people in the urban environment? The objects usually have a strict form in order to be easily and quickly readable at the increased speed of people. The resulting drawings in the area of the Off Space Gepard14 are light and playful and create new connections with their organic forms. The drawings have the ability to perceive, translate, and reveal our sensitive urban experiences in a differentiated way.

With the installation I work with the secure and insecure balance and the fragility and connection of every single entity.  The insects around the dog, arranged in a perfect circle, seem to protect but also could attack him. Non-human beings of a species never gather in a perfect circle. This circle refers to a human creation and emphasises the control and manipulation through human hand of nature.  The free hanging branch connects the space up with the dog and the insects. In the end, this work doesn’t reveal the whole secret.

Introductory text and opening speech: Gabriella Disler, Artist MA in Public Spheres.

Pictures opening: Gepard14

Pictures Artist Talk: Gepard14





Artist Talk Gepard14 with Ethicist and Philosopher Eric Maeder / 12.08.2018 / 45 minutes