On the back of the Pig


200 kg Jellygums / 35 qm

The artwork contained about 200 kilos of colorful jelly gums in form of different animal species, arranged carefully on the floor in the shape of an 8 x 5 meters long sitting pig.  Gelatin – jelly gums main ingredient – is extracted from pig’s fat. In this process jelly gums reshaped the pig it originated from.

“Gelatin is obtained from partial hydrolysis of collagen derived from natural sources such as skin, connective tissue, and bones of animals. The raw materials used in the production of Gelatin include cattle bone, cattle hides and fresh, frozen pigskins.” (www.gelatin-gmia.com). Industries therefore handle cattle bones and -skins literally as waste-product.

Installation / Museum of Contemporary Art, Moutier, Switzerland / 2015