Musée Jurassien des Arts, Moutier (CH)

The installation emphasizes the idea of a girl, which, through her lightness and fragility goes through the limit of instability . Starting from one figure, drawn in back view, elements are created which have different symbolic values.

A red thread connects these elements. It can open to point out feminine activities – embroidery, knitting, weaving – which also refers to the spider on the ground, an animal that spins his web. But the spider can also scare, lure into a trap.

The red thread could also be the blood – vital fluid, which also scares. The water, without which we can not live and often applied as a symbol of vital force and purity, is double present: standing in a glass and flowing as a soundtrack.

Text: Valentine Reymond, curator Musée Jurassien des Arts, Moutier