Künstlerhaus 11, Solothurn

«5. Jours des éphémères»

Sidespecific intervention in Public Space , 7 Dogs

Newspaper, Tape

I placed similar to the intervention in Cérbère (France 2015) in Solothurn 7 dogs at different places in the city.  They disappeared within hours after the opening of the exhibition in the same night. How – that stayed in the darkness. Either eliminated by humans or by sweepers swallowed at dawn.
The daily newspaper has been transformed and for a certain time converted in the shape of sleeping dogs in a different timeline. The lying dogs could remember us of stray dogs,  but also to those who just wait for their owners.

The exhibition visitors got a map, on which the places, where they could find the dogs, were marked.
(Text by Martin Rohde, art historian /
Künstlerhaus S11, Solothurn)









Foto 28.04.17, 21 58 34