Twingi LandArt 2019 | Binntal, Wallis | Schweiz
Opening: 22 June 2019
Exhibition 23 June – 20 Octobre 2019
The first work «Terra circolare» of the research project «Waldkörper/Körperwald» (working title) of Basel based artist Gabriella Disler and me will have a its start at the Twingi LandArt 2019 in the Landschaftspark Binntal in Wallis/Switzerland.
Cloister Gallery – SJA Arts | Oxford | England

Opening: 22 June 2019


21-24 July 2019
Sixth Annual Oxford Animal Ethics Summer School on
Humane Education | Increasing sensitivity to animals and human
University Oxford | England
My paper „On the Back of the Pig“ for the Oxford Summer School 2019 explores the questions: „Can an artwork have an educational impact? Can an art work initiate empathy upon non-human sentient beings in factory farming? And modify consumer behavior?“