A little Gesture

A little Gesture / Video / 5’08” Loop / 2016

In this work, Franziska Lauber creates an experiment to examine the possible spaces in which humans and non-human animals move. Here, the leading questions are: Can we connect with other species through the digital world? Do we have to be physically in the same space to connect?

A found video footage in which a Great Tit flies on the hand of a girl to take the offered seeds inspired her to think about interspecies relations through the merging of physical and digital material. In this footage, both subjects in the same physical and digital space.

Franziska Lauber disconnected human and bird in different layers of digital physicalities. Set in a loop, the Great Tit just seems now to fly on her hand, which is in this new setting in front of the screen. The sunflower seeds fall with a loud sound to the ground. The illusion of a common encounter in the same physical and digital space arises only at the moment when the bird seems to land on her finger. A single dialogue flows slowly as a text through the picture. These are words and sentences which humans use often for projections and dominations towards non-human beings.